We service the City of Greater Geelong and surrounding districts. Skip hire and rubbish removal services are available from 7am to 5pm - 6 days a week. Bin hire to suit customer needs. Walk in bins are available.
  • Skip bin delivery and pickup
  • Site cleaning and removal services
  • Rubbish removal
  • Concrete removal
  • Soil removal

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What You Need to Know About Our Rubbish Skip Hire

Whether you’re in the midst of an annual spring-cleaning project, a home renovation or even a landscaping makeover, a rubbish skip hire can make your life significantly easier. Having a convenient place to deposit rubbish as you work will save you time and trips to the landfill, allowing you to get your work done faster and more efficiently. At Better Bin Hire Geelong, we can provide the bin hire you need to get your project done painlessly.

Services We Provide Related to Rubbish Bin Hire

From various types of rubbish bin hire to other services related to junk removal, our business is the partner you need for your home improvement project, office relocation, renovation job, construction project or landscaping activity. Here are the specific services we offer in this niche:

  • Rubbish bin hire. We can deliver a skip bin to the location of your choosing. From there, you fill it with rubbish as needed. Once you complete your project, we’ll come back to pick up the bin and haul away all the trash. The entire process could hardly be more effortless. We even offer a range of bin sizes—from 2 cubic metres to 22 cubic metres—to make sure we can accommodate your project no matter its size.
  • Non-general waste removal. Most bin hire companies are focused on what we call ‘general waste,’ which essentially includes all standard household waste (old toys and clothes, boxes, furniture, and construction waste such as carpet, wood, metal and glass). However, we can also provide bins for green waste (grass mulch, sticks and branches, bark, etc.), clean fill (dirt, sand and crushed rock), and building waste. Be sure to let us know which type of rubbish skip hire you require.

Key Questions to Ask Better Bin Hire Geelong about Rubbish Skip Hire

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we hear about our waste bin hire services:

  • What types of waste do you not accept? Each type of bin hire has slightly different requirements. However, the types of waste we can never accept include asbestos or asbestos-containing materials, liquids, oil, food waste, paint sprays, paint tins, flammable substances, or combustibles.
  • Do you accept mattresses or tyres? Mattresses and tyres are two of the hardest things to dispose of in a legal, responsible way. We will take mattresses for a fee of $30 each (or if you take them apart and put each part in separately, you can pop it in your skip bin) and tyres for $20 each.
  • How full can my skip bin be? We cannot allow customers to fill their bins above the rim. To avoid overfilling it, contact us for help sizing a container to suit your needs.

Why a Waste Bin Hire Is Cost-Effective

Waste is more complicated than most people realise. Just as you cannot recycle everything, you can’t toss everything into your general skip bin for weekly trash collection. We provide a convenient and easy-to-understand rubbish bin hire service cost-effectively. Contact us today to learn more