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Why choose Better Bin Hire?

  • Locally owned and operated family business
  • Open from 7am to 5pm – Monday to Saturday
  • Sunday deliveries by appointment only
  • Immediate delivery
  • Range of skip bin sizes available
  • Bin sizes from 2m3 to 22m3
  • Competitive rates

What services do we offer?

  • Skip & hook bin delivery and Pickup
  • Bin hire is available to suit customers needs
  • Walk in bins available
  • Site cleaning and removal services
  • Rubbish removal
  • Concrete removal
  • Soil removal

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Choose Our Services for Exceptional Quality Skip Bin Hire in Geelong

If you need skip bin hire in Geelong, we can provide it. Our locally owned and operated family business has spent the last few years building a prompt and reliable bin hire service. Whether you need a small or large bin, we can help you. When you choose Better Bin Hire Geelong, you get exceptional customer service, high quality bins, and a range of options.

What Sets Us Apart from Competitors When You Need Excellent Geelong Bin Hire

When you need skip bins in Geelong, it is important to choose the right business to help you, especially when you have waste that you are unsure of, or massive amounts of waste. Over our years of providing bins, our clients have always praised our professional work ethic, accessibility, and reliability. So, for your convenience, we have put together a list of why we believe we are always one step ahead of our competitors and why believe choosing us is the right choice:

  • We provide access to our services from 7 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Saturday. If you need help on Sundays, we can still help you if you made an appointment prior. We pride ourselves on giving all our clients services that are not only accessible, but prompt and effective. When you need a bin, we ensure that it is ready when you need it to be, whether you want to collect or want it delivered. Our online booking form makes getting your hands on a bin as easy as it can be, ensuring that you always work with a business that delivers rapidly.
  • We can work with bins ranging from two cubic meters to 22 cubic meters. We work hard to ensure that we can help any of our clients, regardless of their requirements. We understand the importance of finding bin hire in Geelong that can be flexible with your needs, because you will not always have the space for our larger bins. If you know which size you need, we make the ordering process extremely simple. If you do not know which size you will need, we are happy to provide you with a quick and effective consultation.
    We offer exceptional customer service around the clock to ensure total customer satisfaction. Whether you have questions to ask us, specific requirements in addition to your delivery, additional service requirements, or feedback, we are happy to help. When we provide you with the options to experience accessible and efficient bin hire, we prove how much we care about our clients. Our professionals are always ready to help you with whatever you need.
  • We provide you with the necessary services to keep you up to date regarding the ordering process. We let you know as soon as the order has gone through, and we keep you up to date regarding when your bin will arrive. We believe in maintaining a transparent business model, which is why we take extra steps to ensure you are always kept in the loop so you can plan accordingly and ensure we fit into your schedule.
  • Whether you need a service that is accessible, a service that is flexible, or a service that has a team of professionals to help you every step of the way, we are the obvious choice. Our business and your satisfaction go hand in hand, which is why we do everything we can to ensure you have an excellent experience whenever you work with us. You can always trust our skip hire in Geelong.

Additional Services We Can Provide If You Need Us for Rubbish Skip Hire in Geelong

We pride ourselves on being able to assist our clients with a wide range of services that go beyond merely providing skip bin hire. It is important to us that our clients understand what we can and cannot do for them. Below is a list of additional services we can provide those who are already considering our Geelong skip bins:

  • We offer site cleaning and removal services to help you tidy up any area quickly and efficiently. If you have recently had construction done or you have bought a piece of property that requires cleaning, we are happy to help you remove any waste. Our general waste includes furniture, glass, carpets, boxes, toys, clothes, metal, wood, and most household products. It excludes sand, soil, green waste, concrete, bricks, food waste, and liquids.
  • We can help you with any of your green waste removal requirements. This includes grass mulch, wood, branches, wood clippings, and bark. Our green waste removal does not include general waste, concrete, bricks, soil, food waste, or liquids. We want to help you remove green waste whenever possible as this, in turn, helps us. Ensuring effective disposal of waste not only help you, but the entire Australia.
  • We offer concrete removal services to help those who cannot move it themselves. These loads might prove difficult to move because of their weight or size, but we assure you we can help. Our concrete removal only covers concrete, bricks, roof tiles, and tiles. It does not cover general waste, green waste, sand, soil, food waste, or liquids. Always remember that we do offer skips in Geelong if you want to handle waste disposal yourself.
  • If you have additional questions or you feel we have not provided you with the answer you need, we ask that you contact us so we can clear up any confusion. Maintaining a reliable, easy-to-use business is what we strive for every day. If you have questions about disposing waste that we do not handle, we can gladly point you towards services that would be of more help to your case.

Whatever your removal requirements are, we can meet them with quick and efficient services that deliver on time, every time. As a general overview, we provide services for general rubbish, garden waste, brick and concrete waste, mattresses, tyres, clean fill, and metal waste. We can, unfortunately, never accept asbestos waste, oil, liquids, or food waste, paint sprays or tins, flammable liquids, or combustibles.

Why You Should Trust Us When You Need Reliable Geelong Skip Bin Hire

When choosing the right team for the job, we make it easy. We provide you with accessible, reliable services any day of the week to ensure that you have your bin requirements met. If you have any rubbish, concrete, or soil removal requirements, we can ensure a team that understands effective workflow handles it. Whether you need a small or large bin, we offer immediate delivery to help you get what you need, as soon as you need it. We provide reliable rubbish skips in Geelong to all our clients, and we have for years, ensuring that the disposal of waste is as easy as possible.

Our Geelong skip hire services provide you with the most effective solutions for acquiring skips, or for having excess waste removed from your premises. Our bin hire in Geelong provides you with a wide range of sizes to ensure you always have enough space for everything you wish to throw away. You can keep your property clean and effectively dispose of any waste you have when you use our services. Call us today to book the right size skip bin for you, or to organise waste removal. You will experience clean premises in no time.